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When I started my company, advertising on Facebook was never the plan. As a solo, female founder, and a longtime women-in-tech advocate, I wanted to build a company that operated with feminist values. …

This Is Us

Sad girl lying down on bed as sunlight wafts in.
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There are no unknowns when I step out of bed. I will enjoy my first sip of coffee. I will comb through emails I don’t care about. I will refresh Twitter too many times. I’ll plan to go for a run. I won’t. I’ll work as much as I can…

This Is Us

Double exposure of a couple standing on staircase against railing.
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An ex of mine, who I’ll call Matt, recently admitted that if he were to meet someone with a life as established as his own — someone extremely committed to her job, who owned a house, and felt rooted in her community — it wouldn’t work, no matter how compatible…

Emily J. Smith

Writer and founder of Chorus, the matchmaking app where friends swipe for friends. More at (or

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